Posted by: jennypenny73 | June 21, 2011

Ribbed Lace Bolero – Summer Project #1

Just finished up my Ribbed Lace Bolero.  Love it.  Actually, love it so, so much is probably a little more accurate.  It’s super-fast, easy, and doesn’t take much yarn.  It’s pretty much the perfect little summer project…and I’m sure it’ll be an especially great little summer shrug here in Newfoundland where even on the warmest days (that incidentally, we haven’t seen any of yet this year), you still almost always need a little something to cover your shoulders at some point during the day.  I just put on my shrug for a few minutes, and am quite surprised to find just how much it actually warms you up when you have a chill…and yes, I have a chill on the first day of “summer”…it’s 8 degrees!

The Ribbed Lace Bolero is knit flat, it’s really just a big rectangle. And just two little 3″ seams to turn your rectangle into a functional shrug!  I used less than 1 1/2 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca for mine in the Peat Mix colourway, a beautiful gark green with subtle gold highlights. 

The free pattern only comes in 1 size, but is easily customizable to different sizes and yarns…and when I say easy, I mean easy enough that even I could do it!  To figure out your cast on amount, you take your shoulder to shoulder measurement (though I’d highly recommend adding a little negative ease if you’re using a stretchy yarn), add 8″ (4″ per sleeve), and then just multiply by whatever number of stitches per inch you got with your chosen yarn.  Then simply start knitting and you’ll be done before you know it! 

This is a great pattern for a beginner knitter or as an into to lace knitting.  There’s only 1 row that might confuse a beginner a little…the last row of lace, transitioning back into the ribbing.  It’s not hard, just written a little confusingly.  If you have trouble with it, or any part of the pattern, feel free to email me…agoodyarn(at)rocketmail(dot)com, or give me a shout on Ravelry…jennypenny73

Also, this summer on the Ravelry shop group, we’ll be doing a featured pattern spotlight…the Ribbed Lace Bolero is the first one!  You’ll recieve 15% off yarn bought for the project, and there’ll be a draw for a $25 gift certificate at the end!  Check out all the details here!

And last but not least…after trying to take so many pictures of myself (which isn’t all that easy or fun, by the way!) for this project.  I turned around to find this…one other little diva that thought she should be the one being photographed.  And I, of course, was happy to comply.




  1. I love your shrug. I’m not much of a shrug person, but seeing yours makes me want one too. I wish this postal strike end soon. Grrr. Mind you, I’m sure there is something in my stash that I could use, but hey, a girl can never have too much yarn right?

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