Posted by: jennypenny73 | January 30, 2011

Franklin’s Day

It never ceases to amaze me just how popular a hyperactive, untrained, little maniac of a Boston Terrier can be.  Since opening the shop last April, Franklin has been jumping up on, running circles around, slobbering on, snorting, grunting, barking at everyone that walks through the shop door on his days.  There have even been a chosen few that have had the privilege of “enjoying” that, oh so typical, Boston Terrier odour!  And from day one, in spite of all his obnoxious, little quirks, he has been charming the pants off (almost) everyone that’s met him.  I think what usually wins over even the  most resistant, is his unwavering confidence that every, single person that walks through “his” door must be there to see him, and only him…because really, what other possible reason could you have for coming into a yarn shop???

Franklin in his bow tie and party hat (that coincidentally has a strong resemblance to a dunce cap)

Today was Franklin’s 6th birthday, and in celebration, we had a little mini sale at the shop.  To get the sale prices, people HAD to wish him a Happy Birthday.  And I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised by how many people didn’t just give him a cursory “happy birthday”…because really, that was all that was required to get the discounted yarn…but were truly excited to wish him a very Happy Birthday, kiss him and play with him, and just generally slather him with affection.  There were even lots of Happy Birthdays on the Facebook page too from people who couldn’t make it down for the sale, but that still love him.   He got cards and treats too!  More cards and treats than I got for my last birthday, I might add!  He even got a birthday picture drawn by his adorable, little friend, Solstice.  Franklin was pretty much the center of our little universe for the afternoon, which is of course, pretty much where Franklin thinks he belongs.

Franklin's birthday pic drawn by Solstice. That's Franklin at the bottom 🙂

So I just wanted to thank everyone that comes in to the shop to shower Franklin, my love starved little Boston Terrier with affection all the time…and of course, Miss Bessie too (but she’s a whole other blog post).  And an extra thank you to those people who aren’t particularly “dog people” but still bend down to give them a little pat anyway.

Franklin says..."Thanks everyone! Stop in and pat me again soon!!!"



  1. Happy Birthday Franklin…what a handsome boy your are in your tie!! Sorry I did not get in to see you but it looks like you had a good day!

  2. Happy Birthday Franklin! I’m so sorry I missed giving you a birthday smooch! You know you’re my favourite boy-dog because that little Igor-puppy isn’t a real dog yet. He’s just an annoying thing that chases after me and bites my tail and yanks on my ears and follows after my mama all the time like she’s his and tries to take my food and I have to growl at him and he finally leaves me alone, but usually only after he licks my slobbery tongue all over my eyeballs… Uh-oh… gotta go! Mom’s coming!! I can’t let her see me on the computer!!!

    ~ Niki
    I LOVE you Franklin!!

  3. So happy to be a part of Franklin’s day. My goodness Jenny, has it been nearly a year already?

  4. Happy Birthday~! Franklin…

  5. Oh, he’s a real gentleman! So cute bow.. :):)

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