Posted by: jennypenny73 | July 3, 2010

BSJ – Chugging Along

Woo hoo, two nice days in St. John’s…IN A ROW!  The weatherman says we’re supposed to have four, yes FOUR days, of non-rainy, non-windy, non-crapola weather!  I want so badly to believe it…but I’m afraid.  The weather dude has dashed our hopes so often already this year.  I don’t think in 2010 there has been 4 nice days in a row yet!  So I’ll just opt to enjoy it while it lasts and go sit outside and work on my Baby Surprise Jacket! 

The BSJ is coming along nicely…kind of…I think.  I really have no way of knowing, as right now it’s just some wonky shaped piece of knitting.  But I have been assured, that it is indeed, supposed to look like that.  It’s supposed to be unrecognizable as a garment.  So…mission accomplished!  Though I won’t actually know for sure if my “unrecognizable” piece is just the right shape of unrecognizable until I try to put it together.  So we’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.  Hey wait…is that why they call it a surprise???  Duh. 

BSJ - Just attached 2nd ball of Kureyon.

The BSJ seems like it should be a quick, easy knit.  Meaning, of course, quick and easy AFTER you’ve spent an hour or so going through one of the many BSJ Wiki pages out there just to get started!  And not counting the time it takes you rip back and re-refer to the Wiki page to fix your mistakes (emphasis on the plural!).  But once you’re on track again (the correct track, that is!), it’s quite a pleasant knit, and the Kureyon colour changes keep it from becoming a garter stitch hell. 

I’m now at the neck shaping, two balls of Kureyon in, and really have no idea how close I am to the end.  Though after glancing ahead, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be spending a little more time on the BSJ Wiki again very soon. *sigh* 

Still unrecognizable as a garment...but the colours sure are pretty. 😀 Just starting 3rd ball of Kureyon at neck shaping.

Really though, this should’ve been done by now, but it seems I may possibly have too many projects on the go.  Though is there even such a thing as too many projects??? I think not.  I’ve also been working (and stressing) on my shop website (that is FINALLY up & running! Phew!).  And I’ve been trying to get out and have fun with the dogs as much as I can…I have a very old dog at home (my old boy, Blueberry) and sadly I think this will be his last summer. 😦  So I want to get him out to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible, while it lasts at least.  Oh and I’m totally enjoying this summer weather sooo much…so here’s a few outside, fair weather, doggie pics for you to enjoy too. 🙂 And hopefully my next post will be on my wildly successful, best ever, FINISHED, Baby Surprise Jacket!  Hopefully. LOL 

Bessie looking unimpressed at being forced to pose by the pagoda.

My old boy, Blueberry (almost 14 years old!)

Franklin enjoying his first "swim" of the year.



  1. Great photos of your dogs! They are adorable! Good luck on the baby jacket!

    • Thanks 😀

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