Posted by: jennypenny73 | June 24, 2010

Project BSJ – Decisions

Well, isn’t it always the way…you wait, and wait through the rain, drizzle, fog, cold, and wind of the Newfoundland spring for that first elusive warm, beautiful day of summer…and when it FINALLY arrives, you’re sick. ūüė¶ The drastic weather changes from Tuesday to Wednesday left me with an unpleasant migraine. Not a terrible migraine, but enough of one that I couldn’t go anywhere near the sunshine.¬† I did don my darkest shades and¬†venture out for¬†just a minute to take a picture of my lovely new shop window (thanks to Leah for the hand dying magic!), my pretty flower-pot, and my handsome “son”, Franklin.¬† (And believe me, Franklin was¬†none too impressed when I dragged him back inside either)¬†

Franklin, my pretty purple & pink flowers, and my new hand dyed window display

But being holed up in the shop all day does have its¬†pluses…it gave me a chance to decide on my next project!¬† I’ve been wanting to try an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern for ages, and I will be putting it off no longer!¬† My two choices were,¬†the Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) out of Noro…or the Mitered Mittens out of Malabrigo.¬† The Mitered Mittens with the steeked¬†thumb are something I want to try. ¬†I¬†really, really¬†want to find the courage¬†to take a pair of scissors to¬†my painstakingly knitted garment, and have everything turn out ok.¬† And to tell you the truth, I’m totally skeptical that it will, in fact, turn out ok…but “apparently” it CAN be done.¬†¬†Alas, at the moment, there are no colours of Malabrigo Worsted in the shop that I’m totally in love with…and these mittens will be for me (yay!),¬†which means¬†I’m gonna hang on for a colour I’m dying to have.¬†

So that leaves the BSJ.  Since getting this pattern in at the shop I have been looking at the schematic on the pattern with puzzlement.  

BSJ Schematic

I just can’t see how this will all come together (knit in 1 piece with just 2 small seams) to become that adorable, little, stripey¬†jacket that’s been done 11824 times on Ravelry!¬† But this is a tried and true pattern.¬† It’s been around since 1968 and ALL the bugs have been worked out of it.¬† So I’ve been told, that all¬†you just have to do is¬†“TRUST THE PATTERN”.¬† Well that I can do. ¬†And that I will do!¬† Noro¬†Kureyon¬†will be¬†my yarn of choice…and just so you know,¬†it took a LOT of self-control¬†to not grab the beautiful new Silk Garden colourway¬†I just got in the shop.¬† But I seem to¬†knit everything out of Silk Garden, I’m in love with it…and I do¬†already have 3 shop samples done out of it¬†(it’s only a small shop! LOL).¬† So Kureyon it is…and we’ll just¬†pretend that it’s my beloved SG, ok?¬†

Noro Kureyon - Colourway 40 (Man I really need/want a new camera!)

Well, I’m off to swatch now!¬† Won’t be casting on til tomorrow though, because my pattern is sitting on the counter at the shop…right where I left it, so I wouldn’t forget it. *sigh*¬† Night all! ūüôā



  1. Have you seen this Baby Surprise Jacket Wiki?
    I found it helpful for my first BSJ.

    • Thanks Catherine! No I hadn’t seen that…I’ll definitely be checking it out ūüôā

  2. You will have to set me up with some Silk Garden. I’ve only used Kueryon before. Nice for a Booga bag but I found it too scratchy (for me) for a sweater.

    Thanks for the DPN trick offer! I will drop by as soon as I can (too bad that means I have no idea when ;(!).

    • Oh Silk Garden is MUCH nicer! You’ll love it. And stop by whenever you get a chance…I’m always here (except Mondays!).

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